How ITWO costX 2023 can get you picture perfect construction plans with accurate cost estimation & solution takeoff’s ?

Protrainy | Nov. 20, 2023, 7:40 a.m.



It’s tough creating an picture perfect construction plan as there are many factors that are speculative. In the recent years , many softwares came into existence to tackle the hurdles while making an construction plan. One of the most used & trusted softwares are : 


Cost X :  

This cost estimating software is a cutting edge software in the construction world which transforms your Construction Projects with accurate & precise cost calculations to a standing masterpiece. It has both 2D & 3D takeoff capabilities that transforms the planning process. It does so, by helping you in visualising your construction projects in precise 3D detail & identifies possible issues that helps you from unwanted costly rework in the future. It also helps in generating bull’s eyed measurements and quantities for every aspect of your project.  


Accurate Cost Estimation: The Cornerstone of Financial Prudence


CostX's comprehensive cost database, encompassing a vast array of labor, material, and equipment costs, enables you to generate accurate and reliable cost estimates. This invaluable tool empowers you to:


  • Make informed decisions about project feasibility and budgeting
  • Track project costs meticulously, ensuring financial transparency
  • Identify areas for cost savings and optimization


Streamlined Solution Takeoffs: Optimizing Project Efficiency


CostX's solution takeoff feature streamlines the process of identifying the quantities of materials and labor required for each solution in your project. This efficiency-boosting tool allows you to:


  • Rapidly compare the costs of different solutions
  • Select the most cost-effective solution for each aspect of your project
  • Maximize project value while minimizing unnecessary expenses


Beyond Estimation: A Multifaceted Toolkit for Construction Excellence


CostX's capabilities extend far beyond mere estimation, offering a suite of features that enhance your construction project management:


  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation
  • Powerful reporting tool for comprehensive data analysis
  • Seamless integration with other project management software for holistic workflow management


Hence, choosing iTWO costX would be suitable choice for you whether you are handling a small size construction project or large scale construction project. To fully harness the power of CostX and elevate your construction project management prowess, 


  • Leverage yourself with the available resources available in the net or join a workshop on Cost X . 
  • Elevate your career with the guidance & support of Top Industry Mentors at Protrainy who are there to help you master this software. 


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