05 Reasons you being a civil engineer are going to be considered not selected in the Interview Panel!

Protrainy | Oct. 16, 2023, 10:55 a.m.

  1. “Sorry sir, I lack technical knowledge in this area of expertise”.


Civil Engineering is a complex background that needs expertise over certain concepts & principles under it. The interviewers expect the candidates to have deep knowledge of these principles & concepts. 


Having basic knowledge on the principles & concepts would be a plus point at the interview panel. 


  1. “I have all theoretical knowledge but I have no experience”


In civil engineering , one must have some past experience be it in any Internship , Entry Level Job or any project via an training institute .  Yet if upskilling with Protrainy , this question won’t be a problem as the recruiters know you are skilled enough . 


  1. “Sorry sir, I don’t have deep knowledge of Indian standards and regulations”


To meet a construction project’s needs & requirement , one needs to have a deep knowledge into Indian standards & regulations for Construction & Design. 


  1. “ I am skilled in  Autocad but not in Tekla , BIM , MSP PRIMAVERA etc”


Recruiters keep looking for people who not have the knowledge earned from  a civil engineering degree but also specific skills certification where it shows that you are a certified skilled engineer . This gets you a extra edge over all other candidates . 


Some of the courses to upskill with are: 


Building Information Modelling :

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process for creating and managing digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. BIM can be used to simulate the construction and operation of a building or infrastructure project before it is built, which can help to identify and resolve potential problems early on.


Tekla Design:

Tekla Structures is a software program used by civil engineers to model, analyze, design, and detail steel and concrete structures. It is a powerful tool that can help engineers to improve their productivity and accuracy.


QAQC  : 

QAQC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) is a process of ensuring that the quality of a product or service meets the required standards. It is especially important in the civil engineering field, where the construction of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure can have a significant impact on public safety.


Microsoft Project & Oracle Primavera :

Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera are two of the most popular project management software solutions available. Both software packages are widely used in the civil engineering industry to help plan, schedule, and manage projects of all sizes.


Property valuation  ( Specific Job UpSkilling)  :

Property valuation is a process of determining the market value of a property. It is an important skill for civil engineers to have, as they often need to value properties for a variety of purposes, such as for buying and selling, taxation, and insurance.


Etabs Staddpro :

An ETABS STAAD.Pro course for civil engineers can teach you how to use these software programs to model, analyze, and design structural systems. You will learn how to create 3D models of structures, apply loads, and perform various types of analyses, such as static, dynamic, and nonlinear analysis. You will also learn how to design structural elements, such as beams, columns, and slabs.


  1. “ I am shy to speak to new people & creating relationships takes time for me “


This can be a major draw back as being a civil engineer you need to manage teams & communicate with different dealers , contractors etc. In the process, a proper flow of communication is required with leadership skills . This can be adapted by practising & training yourself. 


To know more , about courses to add skills to your skillsets, Check out our Course section . 




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