Ever wondered how was The Taj Mahal constructed ?

Protrainy | March 6, 2023, 8:35 a.m.


We all know about the seven wonders of the world but less do we know about its history & how these wonders were built. 


We get amazed by the amazing architecture & the way it has been constructed. Among these 7 wonders, One situated right in the heart of India. We all know it as a symbol of love , The Taj Mahal. 


Wonders , Wonders , Wonders. Ever wondered ‘ How would have been the construction of Taj Mahal?’ ‘What Kind of construction materials would have been used ?’ ‘How skilled must have been the Civil Engineers?’ ‘Who were the men behind The Taj Mahal’s Architecture ?’ 


A lot to wonder about this ‘Epitome of Love’ , Maybe that's why it is one of the 7 wonders in the world.


We all know about the famous love story behind the idea of Taj Mahal and wondered about these all stories but now it’s time to stop wondering and jump right into the facts. 

When was The Taj Mahal constructed? 


The construction of Taj Mahal was started in 1632 where 22,000 workers were involved in building this wonder . Artisans , Engineers , construction materials came from all over India. It took 21 years to complete the construction of this huge project. It is still a wonder to think about how difficult would have been the construction with no machinery involved & without the use of modern techniques yet the construction was perfect that it is still standing in the same shape as it stood 370 years ago. 


It’s funny to think that the word ‘ Engineering’ might not have even been invented at that period of time. 


Are you Curious to know the Architect behind this Construction Wonder ? 


The man behind this famous architecture was a persian architect , Known Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.



How was the levelling done for The Taj Mahal ? 


The Taj Mahal which is located at the river bank of Yamuna in Agra is built on land with an area of roughly three acres. The land before construction was dug up, filled with dirt and filling materials and was levelled around 164 ft. above the river water level.


Now a clinching thought is ‘How were the construction materials moved from one place to another ?’ 


Though  they didn’t had machinery to help them in shifting materials , they surely had the knowledge of physics.

They made an inclined ramp by the use of tightly pressurised Earth. It was again a wonder that this ramp of 15 (Fifteen) Kilometres long which was the lifeline of the whole construction. 

Water has been the most essential part of the whole existence of human beings from drinking water to using water for construction purposes. Likewise, during the construction of ‘The Taj Mahal’ , water was pulled out of the river using a mechanical bucket system attached with ropes & pulled by the poor animals. Just a fun fact, If you are thinking ‘what was PETA doing at that time ?’. Well, PETA had still 340 to come into existence. Alright , jokes apart. Let’s quickly move onto the next fact where you start scrolling about PETA . 



Imagine sitting in front of the Taj Mahal & getting lost by the dreamy architecture made of marbles . It’s just so soothing isn’t it ? Yet ever thought from where these marbles were brought from ? 


These raw materials were imported from various parts of Asia and sculptors & architects from different parts of India were hired to carve the marble flowers that are found throughout the building. 


Inspiring Isn’t it ? 


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