The possibilities of Power BI for construction industry

Protrainy | Feb. 11, 2023, 2:09 p.m.

Design and construction projects are complex and involve multiple stakeholders, numerous tasks, and large amounts of data. In order to keep track of project progress and make informed decisions, project managers and consultants need access to real-time data and insights. This is where technology such as PowerBI can help.
Project management and civil engineering consulting in the public sector require efficient data analysis and visualization. PowerBI is a tool designed to help project managers and consultants in the construction industry make better-informed decisions. The following is a list of benefits that PowerBI offers to public sector project managers and civil engineering consultants in the design and construction industry.

Benefits of business intelligence for the construction industry
Customers have begun to hold high expectations for smart buildings, energy and operational efficiency with structured flexibility. This may have a significant impact on the construction sector. Here’s how Power BI as a business intelligence tool can help the construction organizations.

1. Generate data-driven insights
Collect possible data that is critical towards your project and derive customer-ready insights. These data insights can help to ease collaboration to improve project planning, productivity and safety. It may include metrics of equipment usage encouraging early returns, equipment and labor productivity based on hours of operation, or unsafe project designs.
To create high-performing initiatives, many companies are already combining these insights with product and supply-chain innovation. Leading commercial real estate developers, for example, are already cultivating direct relationships with end customers and designing spaces that can be reconfigured quickly as needed. Similarly, highway developers are interacting directly with drivers to gain a better understanding of usage trends and to advise future highways designs and operations. Data driven insights, in many ways, set the tone for th entire industry.-

2.Manage projects’ health
Power BI can display project data and help you to keep track of your project’s health with real-time data and easy-to-understand visuals. It is also possible to identify at-risk project schedules, isolate and segment-specific teams, zones, or disciplines as well as uncover specific actionable items. When you are armed with these insights, you may be proactive in resolving issue areas before they even start affecting your project schedules.
3.More accurate forecasts
Business intelligence comes into its being when you are collecting data from multiple operations. Insights can be used to benchmark your team and better forecast future projects. You will have better cost control as well because you’ll be able to predict how long a project will take to complete and which areas are likely to incur additional costs. Using actionable insights, the entire team of developers, manufacturers and contractors can employ data-driven business models and produce efficient outcomes that favor end-user segments.

4.Collect all construction data in a single place
Data that is properly gathered, analyzed and ready for insights is extremely valuable. Because most of your construction data is frequently kept in your ERP system, you may use Power BI to integrate all of your active systems and simplify data collection and storage. This way, you can use Power BI to turn all of your data into actionable insights, as well as have real-time access to all of the data to keep track of project-related facts.
5.Visualize schedule reports
Even a minor inaccuracy in a building project with many moving elements can mean the difference between profit and loss. Using Power BI reports for construction company, you can readily identify any warning indications and take corrective measures before time. Whether it is getting a complete picture of your data using dashboards, analyzing property expenses, or finding out expected margins, Power BI construction dashboard proves to be one of the most useful tools for reporting.

In conclusion, PowerBI is a valuable tool for public sector project managers and civil engineering consultants in the design and construction industry. It provides real-time data visualization, data integration, collaboration features, customizable reports, scalability, and security, making it easier for project managers to make informed decisions and manage projects effectively