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We produce effective multi-skilled IndustryReady™ civil engineers by enhancing their employability parameters, and also provide a proper platform for students for their professional development.

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Protrainy makes you explore a different world. It connects you to the companies that you suit for. Students are being well equipped with all sorts of knowledge that a company requires. Protrainy allows you to expose your hidden potential by connecting to companies where we get ideas from the experienced ones. We also offer students the chance of being recruited by companies and also in the form of interns. It would be a golden opportunity if you get associated with Protrainy.

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Protrainy provides students the experiential education that makes them fit for jobs. Students will get an interactive experience and also solutions to their future. Students will have the ability to innovate and find a remedy for their problems. Protrainy being an educational platform inculcates a strong base of a particular subject in the minds of students. Students will be provided with good resources that satisfy the needs of the students. Protrainy makes students achieve their dream careers.

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Our Process

Customize your seamless learning journey starting from short term courses to long term courses including course outlines, study resources and certificates at each step.


Setup Curriculum

Our comprehensive course material is designed with a dual perspective- an industry group’s practical know-how and an educator’s theory.


Plan Study

Design your own self-paced learning path. From short-term courses to specialised long term courses targeting employment skills, we have everything covered.


Provide Feedback

Timely assessments to check industry readiness and help students identify their curious points in the subject.


Test Student Knowledge

Get to know where you stand! Assessment verified certification on completion of each course.

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360 Degree Skill Development
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Assessment Verified Certifications
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